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Efficacy of High-Ozonide Oil in Prevention of Cancer Relapses Mechanisms and Clinical Evidence

By psm in Publications on February . / Edit A new research article from the Unit is out.
Cancers have published the manuscript “Efficacy of high-ozonide oil in prevention of cancer relapses. Mechanisms and clinical evidences” by Izzotti A, Fracchia E, Rosano C, Comite A, Belgioia L, Sciacca S, Khalid Z, Congiu M, Colarossi C, Blanco G, Santoro A, Chiara M, Pulliero A. doi: 10.3390/cancers14051174


Cancer relapses after chemo-radiotherapies arise from cancer stem cells able to escape cell killing because of their high antioxidants level. The aim of this study was to test the efficacy of ozonized oils to decrease the rate of cancer relapses. In vitro, oils at high ozonide content penetrate inside cancer cells releasing oxygen and reactive oxygen species damaging the thin outer membrane of inactive mitochondria. This event triggers intracellular calcium release and activates apoptosis. In vivo, ozonized oil has been administered by the oral route effectively decreasing blood antioxidants in cancer patients. This approach results in a significant increase in survival rate and decrease of relapses in 115 cancer patients (brain, lung, pancreas, colon, skin) undergoing standard radio-chemotherapy regimens during a 4-years follow up. Obtained results indicate that the administration of ozonized oil represents an integrated approach to decreasing the risk of radio-chemoresistance and cancer relapses in cancer patients.